Some Media Published “NIJISANJI’s ANYCOLOR Leads the Way for hololive Production’s COVER,” Causing a Stir

Some Media Published “NIJISANJI’s ANYCOLOR Leads the Way for hololive Production’s COVER,” Causing a Stir

This time, IID inc.’s media,, published an article containing the following content: “ANYCOLOR Inc. (which operates VTuber NIJISANJI Project and other projects), has made a difference to COVER Corporation (which operates VTuber agency hololive Production and other businesses),” causing a stir.

Please check not only this article, but also the primary information provided by the celebrities themselves, their agencies, groups, and companies, and fact-check the information. If you find any malicious or slanderous information, please report it to the contact person of each company.

Some so-called “Roundup Blogs” have published articles that slander and defame the celebrities, agencies, groups, and companies, and incite viewers and readers.



COVER Corporation / ANYCOLOR Inc.

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This article, titled “ANYCOLOR’s Strategy Wins? What is the Essence of the Strategy that Made the Difference in Cover [Reading the Game Company’s Financial Results]” and has a strong business tone, analyzing ANYCOLOR’s strong financial results. Please note that the latter half of the article is for members only.


On the other hand, since this article includes the statement that “ANYCOLOR Made a Difference in COVER,” it has caused a stir as “An argument that incites ‘Confrontation’ among agencies, groups, and companies,” which tends to be avoided in VTuber industry. The article has caused a stir, with some critics pointing out the inconsistencies in the article’s descriptions in the comments section of this article.

IID, which operates the site, also operates the game media “iNSIDE,” which is in the vein of former Nintendo iNSIDE, an independent news media company affiliated with Nintendo.

And, this article is titled “Reading #Gaming Companies’ Financial Results. Therefore, it is possible that the analysis and consideration of the unique circumstances of the VTuber industry were not sufficient, which led to the expansion of this ripple effect.

People’s Rejection of “Confrontational Incitement”

In recent years, VTuber industry has been taking stronger measures against “Roundup Blogs,” which are spreading the “tone that incites conflict between agencies, groups, and companies,” which has become a growing concern as the industry expands.

ANYCOLOR and COVER released a joint statement on December 5, 2022 (JST) in an effort to combat defamation of talent. They reject the above moves to incite confrontation and make a broad appeal for cooperation and partnership.

This collaboration is not only a countermeasure against slander and libel, but also a demonstration of the cooperative relationship between the 2 companies, hololive Production and NIJISANJI Project, within and outside of the industry. This is a welcome move that will help to eliminate the “Console Wars” in video game industry, a trend that has fueled the conflict between the two companies and their respective agencies, groups, and promote the correct development of the VTuber industry.

The ripple effect of the article may have been due to people’s rejection of what they saw as a “Confrontational” tone between agencies, groups, and companies that was not much different from that of so-called summary websites, which would have put a damper on the efforts of the VTuber industry up to now. It is possible that this was due to a sense of rejection by many of you.