Sony Music’s VTuber Agency “PRISM Project” to Close as of March 31, 2024

Sony Music's VTuber Agency "PRISM Project" to Close as of March 31, 2024

Sony Music Entertainment announced on March 1, 2024 (PST) that it will close VTuber agency PRISM Project on March 31.

Sony Music's VTuber Agency "PRISM Project" to Close as of March 31, 2024
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On May 1, 2022, PRISM Project announced that it had joined the Sony Group as a way to further expand its activities, and that Sony Music had entered into a new partnership to handle the agency’s main operations and production. Since then, it has operated as the English-speaking group of the company.

The 18 talents will be transitioned to independent talents, keeping their names and characters.

With the dissolution of PRISM Projects, Sony Music will effectively exit the English-speaking VTuber business.

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.’s “PRISM Project” VTuber Brand to Cease Operations on March 31, 2024

TOKYO, Japan – March 2, 2024.

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. today announced its virtual talent management project PRISM Project will cease operations as of March 31, 2024. All eighteen currently managed talents will become independent performers from April 1, 2024 under their current talent names and personas, and will be transferred the rights to their character images to permit a seamless transition to independent talent activities utilizing their current YouTube and other social media accounts.

PRISM Project fans should tune in to each talent’s streams and/or social media in early March for more information about each talent’s individual plans for theiractivities after March 31. Events and releases that are currently scheduled for the month of March will continue as scheduled, and merchandise orders placed by the March 31 deadline will be fulfilled even after the conclusion of PRISM Project operations. PRISM Project’s official YouTube and X (formerly, Twitter) official accounts will remain as an archive, and fan mail received by March 31 will be delivered to talents as normal. PRISM Project asks that its fans continue to support talents’ events and activities through their final streams in late March.

PRISM Project asks that fans refrain from making inquiries to talents directly, and to direct any business-related questions regarding this announcement to contact[at]

PRISM Project, originally founded by Anotherball, Inc., was transitioned to management and operation by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. in May 2022. In the nearly two years since the transition, PRISM Project saw its reach and exposure increase dramatically, with appearances at major anime conventions and events both within Japan and around the world, multiple original music releases, a major music label debut, the addition of formerly independent talents as their original character IPs, and other significant accomplishments which saw PRISM’s reach extend far beyond its original scope.

Comment from Shogun, PRISM Project Producer

Since the transition to Sony Music, PRISM Project’s talents created nearly two years of engaging, pioneering content, and we are extremely proud of the contributions that each PRISM talent has made to the virtual talent space. Our opportunity to bring PRISM talents’ content to a much larger audience (both virtually and physically), to achieve a long list of ‘firsts’ for PRISM as a staff-and-talent team, and to have had the chance to continue to pursue our mission of helping each and every one of our viewers find something they love and feel happiness every single day was an honor and a privilege. After careful consideration and discussion between management and talents regarding each talent’s goals as virtual performers, and with an eye towards industry trends and the considerable staff resources required not only to sustain but to further grow the brand, together we have made the incredibly difficult decision to cease talent management operations and make it possible for each talent to continue their talent activities under their current talent names with their current character IPs. I recognize that this will be a heart-wrenching and surprising announcement for our fans, but I want you all to know that PRISM Project is eternally grateful for the long-term, passionate support of its fan audience, and we hope that fans will continue to support each talent as they take the next step in their talent activities.

March 2 at 20:00

Following the close announce of PRISM Project, Kou Tsubame announced graduation.

Notice of PRISM Project Closure

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