Streamy Awards 2023 Announced 5 VTubers Nominees

Streamy Awards 2023, which recognizes outstanding video streamers, announced five nominees from VTuber talents on July 24, 2023 (PST).

Streamy Awards 2023 Announced 5 VTubers Nominees
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Streamy Awards 2023 VTuber Nominees

Talent NameAffiliation
filianMythic Talent
Gawr Gurahololive English (hololive-EN)
Jaiden AnimationsChannel Frederator Network
Shoto (Shxtou)Hanamori

Following the 2022 Streamy Awards in which 4 out of 5 nominees were VTubers affiliated with VShojo (at the time), many people have pointed out that the selection criteria are not clear. This year, too, the nomination of animator Jaiden Animations, who has been showing her animated videos, has been a source of controversy.

Furthermore, VTuber Shylily (Affiliation: Mythic Talent) was nominated for Breakout Streamer, ironmouse was nominated for Streamer of the Year, and Jaiden Animations was nominated for Animated. Jidena Animations was also nominated for Animated, and it seems that there are various opinions on the selection criteria.

Streamy Awards 2023 is scheduled for August 27.

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