Studio Nekomata Ended Handling of NIJISANJI Related Merchs due to Protest Against Selen Tatsuki’s Terminated

Studio Nekomata Ended Handling of NIJISANJI Related Goods due to Protest Against Selen Tatsuki's Terminated

Studio Nekomata (Sells Merchs Featuring Collaborations and Derivative Works of VTubers and Others) Announced on February 5, 2024 (PST) that it will No Longer Handle NIJISANJI-Related Merchs Following the Terminated of Selen Tatsuki‘s Contract from ANYCOLOR Inc.

Announcement Regarding Nijisanji-Inspired Merchandise

In light of the recent developments regarding AnyColor (aka Nijisanji) and Selen Tatsuki (aka Dokibird), we at Studio Nekomata have made the decision to cease selling fan merchandise of anything related to Nijisanji.

All remaining inventory in stock will be sold at-cost until the end of February, at which point we will donate any leftovers to charity.

Furthermore, all revenue on Nijisanji – related items in this time period will be donated to mental health resources (specific ones to be determined at a later date; it’s not like we planned this in advance).

We had the brief opportunity to talk with Selen at Anime Expo 2022. Her love for artists and creators was obvious and infectious, and her abundant positive energy made it possible for us to get through the final days of a brutally difficult convention. We refuse to support, even indirectly, any organization that would quash that energy and love.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Dakuma & Faerieko & Lexiiii <3

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