Suika Game Released Distribution Begins in Americas

Suika Game Released Distribution Begins in Americas

Aladdin X has released “Suika Game” for Nintendo Switch as a Downloadable Game for Americas (North and Latin America).

Suika Game Released Distribution Begins in Americas
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“Suika Game” is a puzzle game developed for projector “Aladdin X series”. The aim of game is to create the largest watermelon by attaching the same fruits and “Evolving” them into larger sized fruits, or to achieve a high score.

The Nintendo Switch version was released in Japan in December 2021 as a downloadable distribution, and although it did not attract much attention at first, some streamers started playing it in September of this year, and YouTubers and VTubers began streaming their play one after another, which led to a The popularity of the game skyrocketed. On October 5, the game achieved 1 million downloads.

スイカゲーム ダウンロード版


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Although no official announcement has been made by Aladdin X, the new Americas version of the “Suika Game” is considered to be an official distribution launch, as it is listed on Nintendo of America’s My Nintendo Store. The game content is identical to the Japanese version.

Suika Game for Nintendo Switch

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