Terminated VTuber Mochizuki Himari’s Net Radio Program “Sara Himari Inc.” to Conduct Emergency Live Broadcast

Terminated VTuber Mochizuki Himari's Net Radio Program

Internet Radio Station “Onsen” has Announced that on November 30, 2023 (PST), it will hold an Emergency Live Broadcast of the Program “Sara Himari Inc.” featuring Terminated VTuber Mochizuki Himari (affiliation: Liverary).

Terminated VTuber Mochizuki Himari's Net Radio Program
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According to the announcement, there will be no regular broadcast on December 7 a 3am and an emergency live broadcast will be held.In addition, an important announcement will be made during this broadcast.

“Sara Himari Inc.” is an Internet radio program by voice actors Ayumi Sara and Mochizuki Himari.

On November 30, Mochizuki Himari announced that UNI Create, which operates Liverary, would end its activities (with the exception of crowdfunding for the production of an album) on the same day.

It is possible that a major announcement regarding the termination of Mochizuki Himari’s activities will be made during the emergency live broadcast on December 7.

There are some uncertain rumors about the current status of Mochizuki Himari, suggesting that the performer and voice model has already been “Reincarnated” as a new VTuber talent.

The December 7 announcement at “Sara Himari Inc.” is noteworthy.


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