V4Mirai’s 2nd-Gen VTuber Biscotti to Graduate

V4Mirai's 2nd-Gen VTuber Biscotti to Graduate

Brave group US Inc. (subsidiary of Brave group Inc.) Announced on March 1, 2024 (PST) that VTuber Project V4Mirai‘s 2nd-Gen Talent “Biscotti” will graduate.

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Graduation Announcement

It is with a heavy heart that we announce Biscotti’s graduation from V4Mirai.

Biscotti is an adored member of our team and we’ll always be rooting for her! Due to recent circumstances, Biscotti will be hosting their last stream on March 10th. We ask that you respect her privacy and avoid asking Biscotti or the other V4Mirai talents personal questions related to graduation. Please rest assured that Biscotti is in good health and doing well!

Biscotti’s YouTube Channel will stay open indefinitely, though options for SuperChat and Membership will cease following her final stream. Biscotti’s debut merchandise and voice experience pack will be available until March 31st. Her birthday merch is already sold out, and shipping from Japan at present.

Biscotti is an incredible person to work with and we’re so proud of the projects we were able to accomplish with her together. Her art skills, creative outlook, and witty personality have made her an unforgettable part of V4Mirai.
We wish her well in her future endeavors.

If you’d like to share any artwork or goodbye wishes, please use the tag #biscartti.

Thank you, V4Mirai Team

Biscotti made her debut on November 11, 2023 as a talent of V4Mirai’s 2nd-gen unit “Petalight” with Kou Mariya, Mono Monet, and Yae Yugiri, and her 3D debut was held on February 17.

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