VShojo’s First Male VTuber “Kuro Kurenai” Receives Worldwide Response and Some Question His Identity

VShojo's First Male VTuber

VTuber Kuro Kurenai (K9KURO), a New Talent who Officially Debuted on September 30 (PST) from VTuber Agency VShojo, has Received a lot of Positive Feedback from VTuber Listeners and Fans around the World.

VShojo's First Male VTuber
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Kuro Kurenai made his first streaming debut on the official Twitch channel at 6 p.m. on September 30, officially debuting as VShojo’s first male new talent.

First Male Talent Debuts in VShojo

VShojo, where Kuro Kurenai recently made her debut, had previously only included female newcomers and transfer talents.

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VShojo was founded on November 25, 2020 by Twitch founding member Justin “theGunrun” Ignacio and others as a talent management agency from the United States.

The company specializes in supporting independent talents, and has the freedom to join or leave the company (e.g., transfer to another agency), which is different from other VTuber agencies and groups.

The name of the agency is “VShojo,” which can also be read as “V-Shoujo (V-Girl)” in Japanese. This has led VTuber listeners and fans to consider the agency to be a “female talent agency,” so Kuro Kurenai’s debut as a male talent came as a surprise to some.

Listeners and Fans are Searching for “Real Identity”?

Furthermore, some VTuber listeners and fans have begun to search for Kuro Kurenai’s “Real Identity” (Performer / Voice Model, Former Talent, etc.).

One of the most promising candidates is believed to be a “Certain Talent” who graduated from another agency or group this summer.

The following details were given by listeners/fans as reasons to believe that Kuro Kurenai is the same performer / voice model as this talent: “The voices in the first streaming were extremely similar.” “His voice sounds very similar to the one used in the first streaming.” “The character designs share common motifs.” “The Minecraft account used by the aforementioned talent for his earlier talent activities has been changed to ‘K9KURO,’ eferring to Kuro Kurenai.” and “The aforementioned celebrity and Kuro Kurenai have been identified as being of Filipino-British descent.”

Kuro Kurenai’s debut with VShojo is sure to be remarkable in many ways, including the fact that he is the agency’s first male talent, and that he has become such a high-profile presence that we are eager to find out who his “Real Identify” and that he has become so high-profile that people are eager to find out more about him.

We look forward to seeing more of Kuro Kurenai (K9KURO) in the future.

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