VSPO! Rookie VTuber “Yano Kuromu” reached 100K YouTube Subscribers

VSPO! Rookie VTuber

VTuber Yano Kuromu (Affiliation: VSPO!) Reached 100K Official YouTube Subscribers on December 3, 2023 (PST).

VSPO! Rookie VTuber

夜乃くろむ / Yano Kuromu (December 4, 2023)
Image Credit: YouTube
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Yano Kuromu’s debut was announced on November 21. This is the first debut for a new talent, excluding transfers from other agencies / groups and transfers from streamers, since Shiranami Ramune in August 2022. The debut streaming has already been held on November 24.


Yano Kuromu’s record of 100,000 YouTube subscribers was achieved in 9 days after her first transmission. This is more than Aizawa Ema’s 13 days since her debut in September 2021. This may be a reflection of the attention to VSPO! as an agency and group, and the increase in the number of “HakoOshi” listeners and fans.

夜乃くろむ / Yano Kuromu / 夜乃くろむ💀⛓️ / KUROMU YANO

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