VSPO! VTubers’ Total YouTube subscribers Exceeds 7 Million

VSPO! VTubers' Total YouTube subscribers Exceeds 7 Million

VTuber Group VSPO! has Confirmed that as of October 14, 2023 (PST), the Total Subscribers to affiliating 18 talents Official YouTube Channels has Surpassed 7 Million.

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As of October 14, the total number of YouTube subscribers for the 18 VSPO! talents was approx. 7,017,000, ranking 4th in the world (3rd in Japan) and 3rd in the world (2nd in Japan) in terms of average number of channel subscribers per person.

VSPO! has been growing remarkably since Komori Met joined the company on February 1 (JST), continuing to record a high level of increase in the average number of subscribers per talent, and on April 28, VSPO! In 2023, the company will be one of the fastest growing agencies and groups in Japan.

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