VTuber Bao Revealed No Merch’s Revenue from Sales Since 2022

VTuber Bao Revealed No Merch's Revenue from Sales Since 2022

VTuber Bao (affiliation: UTA) Revealed on February 27, 2024 (PST) that she has Not Received Any Revenue from Merchs Sold since 2022 due to Problems with the Company she Outsources her Merchs Sales to.

VTuber Bao Revealed No Merch's Revenue from Sales Since 2022

I have not received any revenue from my sold merch since 2022.

My previous merch company owes me approximately $16,000 after production costs and fees.

After being promised multiple times throughout the 2023 year that I would receive my missing payments, it was only last month did I finally find out that the company has completely burned through all of their funds leaving no money left to pay me out at all.

The only option I have in order to make back what I am owed is to try and sell the remainder of my extra merch inventory. The owner has agreed to give me 100% profit of sales in order to at least break even and salvage what was originally supposed to be my revenue. That is why I wanted to let you, my community, know the reason why I am re-releasing older variations of my merch.

I am aware that this does not account for the loss of time, damaged trust within my community, canceled orders due to the sheer amount of wait time my fans had to endure for their merch, attorney fees, and my mental health.

I was consistently told I would receive my revenue after the merch orders were fulfilled.
But that day never came as merch was continuously delayed and to this day, many members of my community have yet to see their orders from over a year ago arrive.

I gave the company countless chances to do right by my community because I could not fathom the true extent of the situation.

I’m extremely grateful that Vite Ramen has kindly volunteered to take over sales and shipment of the remainder of my inventory, otherwise I would be in an extremely dire financial situation. This statement was prepared with an attorney and I just wanted to let my community know this is my current situation. I genuinely thank each and every one of you for your continued support and am deeply sorry that I once again must ask my community to be patient.

Bao The Whale 🐳 (@baovtuber)

As of 18:00 on February 27, the official website of Copium Merch LLC, which is believed to be Bao’s consignee for merchandise sales, is still inaccessible.

Bao the Whale / Bao the Whale 🐳

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