VTuber Group VSPO! Announces Overseas Expansion

VTuber Group VSPO! Announces Overseas Expansion

Virtual Entertainment Inc. (a Subsidiary of Brave group Inc.), which Operates the VTuber Group VSPO!, has Announced that it has Begun Overseas Expansion, and Auditions for English-Speaking Group “VSPO! EN” and Chinese-Speaking Group “VSPO! CN (卟啵电竞project)”.

VTuber Group VSPO! Announces Overseas Expansion
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This is the group’s first full-scale overseas expansion.

Auditions of “VSPO! EN” and “卟啵电竞project (VSPO! CN)” will begin at midnight on August 12 (PDT) for both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking.

Vspo! EN Audition / 卟啵电竞project:公开招募新成员

VSPO! Audition Site

VSPO! EN / 卟啵电竞

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On June 2, parent company Brave group Inc. established a local subsidiary, Brave group US Inc. in San Francisco, U.S., in March, and two first-term students debuted as new talents from “V4Mirai,” the first English-speaking specialized VTuber project. Furthermore, on June 14, the company announced the establishment of “globie,” a VTuber agency for Europe, to enter the European VTuber market.

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