VTuber Group VSPO! has the Largest Increase in YouTube Subscribers of all Agencies and Groups

VTuber group VSPO! (ぶいすぽっ!) has confirmed that as of June 24, 2023 (PST), the total increase in the number of subscribers to affiliated 18 talents official YouTube channels has reached 183K, topping all VTuber agencies and groups.

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VTuber Group VSPO! has the Largest Increase in YouTube Subscribers of all Agencies and Groups
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We are pleased to announce that VSPO! The total number of subscribers to the official YouTube channels of the 18 talents belonging to the group reached 6,453,000 as of June 25, 2023 (JST), according to “VTuber YouTube Subscribers Information by Agencies and Groups” published by us. Yumeno Akari (夢野あかり), who joined the group on June 18 (JST), newly launched her YouTube channel and recorded more than 100K subscribers, resulting in a total of 183K subscribers, the largest increase among all the agencies and groups.

“Nonstop VSPO!”

VSPO! has continued to show remarkable growth since Komori Met (小森めと) joined on February 1, recording a high level of increase in the average number of YouTube subscribers per talent, and on April 28, it ranked 2nd in Japan in terms of the average number of YouTube subscribers per talents.

Furthermore, in terms of average number of simultaneous viewers, Komori has risen to the 2nd place in Japan for the first time since its joining. In May and June, Ichinose Uruha (一ノ瀬うるは) recorded a maximum of approximately 136,174 viewers for its 3D unveiling streaming, indicating that it is gaining new viewers and fans.

Currently, VSPO! is driving a wedge between hololive Production and NIJISANJI Project. Not only that, but they have been setting records that are relatively higher than those of the two and others who have set various records in the past. They have the potential to change the landscape of the VTuber industry.

In April 2019, it will be four years since Kaga Sumire (花芽すみれ) and Kaga Nazuna (花芽なずな) (a.k.a. “Kaga Sisters (花芽姉妹)”) founded “Lupinus Virtual Games”, the predecessor group of the current VSPO!

In the first half of 2023, VSPO! recorded a major breakthrough in the VTuber industry.

We can’t take our eyes off what the future holds!

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