VTuber Gundo Mirei 1 Month After “Graduation” from NIJISANJI, and the Current Status of Dokugai Chinami?

VTuber Gundo Mirei 1 Month After

It has been almost a month since VTuber Gundo Mirei (郡道美玲) “Graduated” from NIJISANJI.

Gundo Mirei: The story her “Graduation” from NIJISANJI

ANYCOLOR Inc. announced on June 18, 2023 (PST) that Gundo Mirei, a talent of the company’s VTuber group NIJISANJI, will graduate on June 21.

Gundo Mirei tweeted on his Twitter account during the final game of World Baseball Classic (WBC) on March 22 (JST), “Can’t the person who throws this ball, when a strong person stands up, throw it at his head or body so he can be suspended?” and tweeted a statement suggesting giving a dead ball to the batter. In response to this, there was a wave of criticism, such as “This is not a matter of not knowing the rules of baseball,” “This is an ethical problem for a person,” and “ANYCOLOR should educate its celebrities before insisting on measures to prevent defamation of its celebrities.

Subsequently, ANYCOLOR announced on March 23 (JST) that Gundo would be suspended. This disciplinary action was still in effect.

Although Gundo has been involved in problematic behavior in the past (“Fascism is good,” “VTubers will soon become obsolete,” “fabricated statements that embezzled money from Osaka Prefecture Volleyball Association was used to pay for Super Chat for talent from VTuber agency hololive Production,” etc.), there has been no significant disciplinary action taken against her by ANYCOLOR), ANYCOLOR has not taken any noticeable action against the company. Some media outlets criticized ANYCOLOR for this, claiming that they were being treated too generously by ANYCOLOR.

Furthermore, allegations that Gundo was conducting a Blue Whale Challenge also surfaced.
The report stated that the viewers and fans of the superchat were ordered to “enter a park fountain,” “eat dirt,” “lick rinse,” and “burn their guts out. In addition, information about the alleged attempts by NIJISANJI (ANYCOLOR) to delete the video and destroy evidence was also spread on social networking sites.

Given these circumstances, ANYCOLOR’s announcement of Gundo Mirei’s “Graduation,” in addition to her initial problematic comments regarding the WBC and the aforementioned “problematic behavior and allegations in the past,” and the fact that her social networking service was made private immediately after her graduation, viewers and fans have speculated that at the very least it was not an amicable graduation, but more like a termination of her contract, Viewers and fans speculated that at the very least, the graduation was not amicable, but more or less like a contract termination.

Gundo Mirei’s last streaming took place on June 21 at 6:00 PST.

Current status of “Dokugai Chinami,” the supposed reincarnation destination?

VTuber Gundo Mirei 1 Month After
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On June 25, four days after Gundo Mirei’s “Graduation,” a former performer and voice model of Gundo Mirei (a.k.a. “The person inside”) announced that he would be doing his “first streaming” as a new VTuber on the same day at 5:00 (PST). In the streaming, he announced that he will start his activities under the name “Dokugai Chinami (毒ヶ衣ちなみ)”.

She revealed her new character design in the streaming. It is apparent that the “Dr. Character” is reminiscent of the image of Ms. Gundo, who was a teacher character.

Furthermore, in the streaming, she said that she plans to stream the Dokugai Chinami model around October. As a “VTuber who reveals the person inside,” he plans to stream live-action videos of his face in the near future. The content of the streaming will include ASMR, travel, mahjong, and games.

The streaming of Dokugai Chinami Model is scheduled to start in November, but the model has already shown a high level of willingness to stream, and has been streaming almost every day, mainly mahjong, in an attempt to minimize the loss of viewers and fans due to blanks caused by graduation and reincarnation. The number of YouTube subscribers has reached approximately 95,800 (as of July 16, 14:00 PST).

The main reason for the criticism of Gundo Mirei’s various words and actions during her time with NIJISANJI was that she belonged to a corporate-run office and group. As an independent, Dokugai Chinami’s future words and actions will be entirely her own responsibility.

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