VTuber Hoshino Nia Explains her “Babiniku” Allegations with a Live-Action Video, but Receives Criticism

VTuber Hoshino Nia Explains her

VTuber Hoshino Nia (Independent) has received criticism over her so-called “Babiniku (Guy In Real Life)” allegations and the explanations surrounding them.

VTuber Hoshino Nia Explains her
星野ニア /Nia Hoshino (June 13, 2023)

There are several VTuber talents named “Hoshino Nia” due to the fact that Sakka Ukitsu, who originally planned to produce the character, has released the character data for free.

This time, Hoshino Nia is an independent VTuber with a YouTube channel Subscribers 147K (as of June 12, 14:00 PST), who has been streamings and videos related to the game Puzzle & Dragons (a.k.a. Pazudora).

This Pazudora VTuber Hoshino Nia, is suspected of being what is known as a “Babiniku” (Guy In Real Life / an abbreviation for “Virtual Beautiful Girl Self-Receiving Body”, a term used by men to describe activities in which they act as female avatar). In response, Hoshino released a live-action video in which she explains that she (performer and voice model) is a woman.

On the other hand, YouTuber Yuukoru, who has been publishing Pazudora videos, published a tweet on his Twitter account implying that the woman in Hoshino’s live-action video may not be the performer and voice model herself, but a stand-in. In response to this, it has been confirmed that there has been criticism of Hoshino, mainly from Pazudora community.

In addition, there are scattered suggestions that there may be differences between the fingers in the live-action video that Hoshino released two months ago and the fingers of the woman in the video released by Hoshino this time.

In April, Hoshino released a video about a collaboration between the manga “Oshi No Ko” and Panasonic dishwasher and dryer, but soon after the video was released, he deleted it, claiming that it had misled people into thinking that it was a collaboration between “Oshi No Ko” and “Pazudora. An apology video was released the following day.

星野ニア /Nia Hoshino / 星野ニア🌟🐲パズドラVTuber

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