VTuber Mikeneko’s Character Designer Announced Slander Damage etc

VTuber Mikeneko's Character Designer Announced Slander Damage etc

Illustrator Yasuyuki announced on January 27, 2024 (PST) that has been receiving slanderous and criminal threats since designed a character for VTuber Mikeneko (Koito Ria / affiliation: VOICE-ORE / Label: PONY CANYON / Former Uruha Rushia, etc).

VTuber Mikeneko's Character Designer Announced Slander Damage etc
Mikeneko (Koito Ria)’s Character Created by Yasuyuki
Image Credit: Official Site

I have received many questions and concerns about Miyakeko on X (formerly Twitter) and by e-mail, so I will respond to them.
First of all, I have a business relationship with Mikeneko.
Therefore, I do not know whether or not the current story is directly related to Mikeneko, and I am unable to respond to your inquiries to me.

I have been asked by Mikeneko to create a VTuber character for her business.
I had turned down the offer twice before, but after hearing her strong desire and her will to redeem herself in the future, I decided to be involved in the creation of the character.
Since there are other projects currently in the works, we will be discussing with Mikeneko’s agency to decide on the future of the project.

I am very sorry for the concern this may cause to those who support us.

Since I have been in charge of this case, there have been many rumors, slander and criminal threats against me.
This time, in light of the fact that the situation has developed into something even more damaging, I have decided to tell you about it, although I had originally planned not to make it public.

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