VTuber Sayu’s Actress (disclosed Zaion LanZa Document) receives Cheers by Anime Expo

VTuber Sayu's Actress (disclosed Zaion LanZa document) receives Cheers by Anime Expo

On July 4, 2023 (PST), the performer and voice model for VTuber Sayu (Independent) posted on her official Twitter account that she was cheered on by viewers and fans near the Anime Expo 2023.

In May, Sayu released a document (usually referred to as the “Zaion LanZa Document“) regarding Zaion LanZa, whose talent contract was terminated by ANYCOLOR Inc.’s VTuber group NIJISANJI EN (New). The document contains Zaion’s response to the reasons given by ANYCOLOR for terminating his contract with the group, and has been confirmed to have generated a great deal of response, especially from the VTuber community.

Thank you all SO MUCH for coming out to meet me and the rest of our beautiful community!! 😭🥹💙💙💙
You guys are my happiness, hopes and dreams. You’re my future. Here’s to FOREVER TOGETHER! NO MATTER WHAT MAY TRY TO TAKE US DOWN WE FITE!!

The photos attached to this tweet is a mosaic, just to be safe, because it shows many people’s faces.

For more information on “Zaion LanZa Document,” please refer to the following article.

The “NIJISANJI EN (New)” we use is to distinguish it from the original “NIJISANJI EN (former NIJISANJI IN / India)” that existed in the past.

Zaion LanZa【NIJISANJI EN】 / Zaion LanZa🙃ထNIJISANJI / ランザー 罪恩

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