VTuber Suou Patra’s “Ancient Roman” Play Streaming is Full of Charm

VTuber Suou Patra's

VTuber Suou Patra (Independent) has been playing the game “Ancient Roman ~Power of Dark Side~” since July 1, 2023, she is full of charm.

VTuber Suou Patra's
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“The Rare Kusoge” Ancient Roman

Ancient Roman ~Power of Dark Side~ was released on April 23, 1998 for PlayStation. Incidentally, there is no particular “Ancient” or “Roman” element.

The game has long been recognized by gamers as one of the “Kusoge” games, meaning a poor game, as almost every element in the game is out of the question as a commercial product. However, it has recently attracted renewed attention after YouTuber Karasuma released a video of him playing and editing the game, calling it “A Perfect Kusoge in which everything is fail,” and used copies are now commanding a premium price of 20-30K yen.

Since then, the game has attracted a lot of attention, with many people enjoying the game as a “Lovable Kusoge” and its inferior elements as a joke, the “Unreasonably Blown-up Man” that appears in the movie at the beginning of the game becoming an Internet meme, and the game being played at the “RTA in Japan” event organized by the general incorporated association RTA in Japan.

“Lovable Kusoge” Brings Out the Best in Talent

Suou Patra is one of the most popular ASMR talent and has a wide network of contacts within VTuber industry, from major agencies and groups to independent talent.

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As of May 9, she graduated from VTuber agency Nanashiinku (Nanashiinku 774inc.), and her future activities are one of the most watched talent.

As one of her activities as an independent talent away from her agency, Patra has been streaming “Ancient Roman” since July 1, and in fact, we feel that this streaming is recommended to those who are not familiar with Patra.

This game is littered with the aforementioned “Lovable Kusoge” elements (unreasonably blown-up men, rough graphics, background music that drives you crazy if you keep listening to it, barbed dialogue from the characters, etc.), and the reactions and talk to these elements are a true test of the play-streaming player’s ability to make the game work.

Patra’s reaction to these elements of this game is one of genuine surprise, genuine laughter, and, by the second half of this game, she is beginning to get into it. These are the kind of reactions that we believe will appeal to those who have not seen Patra’s activity before, and will make the talent even more appealing to them.

An unexpected synergy of “Ancient Roman,” a “Lovable Kusoge” that enhances the charms of the celebrities. It is possible that Patra’s performance may be the catalyst for the popularity of “Ancient Roman” among VTuber personalities…perhaps even among VTubers.

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