VTuber YouTube Subscribers Information Top 50 on June 3, 2023 (JST)

VTuber YouTube Subscribers Information

We compiled Information on the Number of Official YouTube Channel Subscribers among VTubers as of June 3, 2023 (JST).

We will provide information on the Top 50 YouTube Subscribers.

We handle Information on the Number of Subscribers to the Official YouTube Channels of VTuber Talents, Agencies, Groups, and Companies. Please note that this data does Not Represent the Size of Each Talents, Agencies, Groups or Companies, nor their Market Share in the Industry.


Top 50

(from last month)
1Gawr Gurahololive English4.31M (±0)
2Houshou Marinehololive2.4M (+20K)▼
3Usada Pekorahololive2.23M (+10K)
4Mori Calliopehololive
2.22M (±0)
5Shirakami Fubukihololive2.13M (+20K)
6Kobo Kanaeruhololive Indonesia2.07M (+40K)▼
7Inugami Koronehololive1.98M (+10K)
8Hoshimachi Suiseihololive1.88M (+20K)▼
9filianMythic Talent1.81M (+20K)▼
10Minato Aquahololive1.79M (+10K)
11Sakura Mikohololive1.77M (+30K)▼
12PARRAIndependent1.77M (+20K)△
13Hyakumantenbara SalomeNIJISANJI1.76M (+20K)△
14Watson Ameliahololive English1.74M (±0)
15Yasmim ReisIndependent1.72M (±0)
16Shirogane Noelhololive1.68M (+10K)
17Nekomata Okayuhololive1.61M
18△HettoOWOZU1.54M (+40K)△
19▼NimuIndependent1.53M (-10K)
20▼KuzuhaNIJISANJI1.53M (+10K)
21Ninomae Ina’nishololive English1.52M (±0)▼
22aldoxitoIndependent1.51M (±0)
23Oozora Subaruhololive1.49M (+10K)
24△GibpuriIndependent1.47M (+20K)△
25▼Takanashi Kiarahololive English1.46M (±0)
26PolarTheSoul Publishing1.45M (+20K)
27Akai Haatohololive1.42M (±0)
28Nakiri Ayamehololive1.41M (+10K)
29Tsunomaki Watamehololive1.39M (+20K)
30Amane Kanatahololive1.36M (+10K)
31Natsuiro Marsurihololive1.36M (+10K)△
32Shishiro Botanhololive1.33M (+10K)
33Vox AkumaNIJISANJI EN (New)1.32M (+10K)
34Moona Hoshinovahololive Indonesia1.31M (+10K)
35Kureiji Olliehololive Indonesia1.27M (±0)
36△Shoto (Shxtou)Hanamori1.27M (+40K)△
37▼Tokoyami Towahololive1.26M (+20K)△
38Kanaehololive1.16M (±0)
39△Yukihana Lamyhololive1.13M (+10K)
40△Murasaki Shionhololive1.13M (+10K)△
41▼TFMJonnyV-Roots Management1.13M (±0)
42Omaru Polkahololive1.11M (+10K)
43Tokino Sorahololive1.1M (+10K)
44Ookami Miohololive1.1M (+10K)
45Tsukino MitoNIJISANJI1.1M (+10K)
46Sakamata Chloehololive1.08M (+30K)▼
47△Mysta RiasNIJISANJI EN (New)1.08M (+10K)
48▼RakkunOWOZU1.07M (+10K)
49△ChessiOWOZU1.07M (+40K)△
50▼Momosuzu Nenehololive1.06M (+10K)

Talents with more than 1M Subscribers (Under Top 50)

(from last month)
51△Luca KaneshiroNIJISANJI EN (New)1.01M (+13K)△
52△GreatMoonAromaBlue Jump Project1M (+14K)
53▼StarIndependent1M (±0)

Reference Records

(from last month)
El Rubius [Note 1]Divimove40.4M (±0)
Cookie Swirl C [Note 1]Independent19.8M (+100K)▼
HIKAKIN [Note 1]UUUM11.3M (+100K)
ChuyMine [Note 2]Independent3.53M (+260K)
LeeandLie (AmaLee) [Note 1]Independent2.18M (+10K)
Nyatasha Nyanners [Note 3]Mythic Talent1.45M (±0)
maudado [Note 4]ESL Video Network1.26M (±0)
kson [Note 5]VShojo1.25M (±0)
SleepyBunsu [Note 4]Independent1.23M (±0)
makeUmove [Note 4]Independent1.22M (±0)
Nimu (Sub ch) [Note 6]Independent1.44M (+60K)△
Goldship [Note 7]Cygames1.06M (+10K)
Alganzi [Note 4]Independent1.05M (±0)
[Note 1] YouTuber who also work as VTuber model
[Note 2] VTuber whose addition to the Top 50 is under review or pending
[Note 3] VTuber who are active on channels that have been confirmed to have taken over the “Number of subscribers from before VTuber activity”
[Note 4] VTuber who hardly update their YouTube channel due to the fact that their main activity is on Twitch
[Note 5] VTuber who are also active as live-action YouTuber
[Note 6] Sub-channel of VTuber
[Note 7] VTuber who are active on official corporate channels, etc

Graduated, Retired, or Suspended Talents

TalentFormer AffiliationSubscribers
(from last month)
Kizuna AIKizuna AI Inc.3.04M (±0)
Kizuna AI
(Game ch)
Kizuna AI Inc.1.44M (-10K)
Kiryu Cocohololive1.42M (±0)
Kaguya LunaVIC872K (-2K)△
Mirai AkariGOOM STUDIO700K (-2K)
Amano PikameeVOMS Project695K (-4K)
Suzuhara LuluNIJISANJI517K (-2K)

Agencies, Groups, Management Companies, etc

hololive Production
* hololive
* hololive English
* hololive Indonesia
* 24
* 5
* 3
* NIJISANJI (Japan, Indonesia, South Korea)
* 4
* 2
* Español
* Portuguese
* Thai
* 3
* 1
* 1
Mythic Talent1
V-Roots Management1
TheSoul Publishing1

By Language, etc

* All data numbers are approximate
* Excluding official channels of offices and groups

VTuber YouTube Subscribers Information dated May 27 to June 2, 2023 (JST)


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