Yukihana Lamy Reported to have Viral Internal Organ Inflammation

Yukihana Lamy Reported to have Viral Internal Organ Inflammation

VTuber Yukihana Lamy (affiliation: hololive) Reported on December 30, 2023 (PST) that she is Experiencing Viral Inflammation of her Internal Organs and Clarified her Future Plans.

Yukihana Lamy Reported to have Viral Internal Organ Inflammation
Yukihana Lamy
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The following is a summary of what Yukihana Lamy said in the streaming.

  • First of all, a word of caution to all clippers: please do not make any clippings that could be misunderstood. Since this is a rather sensitive area, please be aware that you may make statements that are often misunderstood.
  • Regarding my physical condition, I have only informed some holomen (talents belonging to hololive productions).
  • I would like to tell you about my health condition not through X (Twitter) but through my voice, because it is very complicated and it would be too heavy to put it in words.
  • I had a slight fever since the beginning of December, neither COVID-19 nor influenza, and the cause was not known. The day before the fever broke, I had a physical exam and they found an inflammatory reaction.
  • The results of the physical exam were almost all caught from the top to the bottom of the first page.
  • It was not caused by alcohol or the medications I was taking.
  • The fever was caused by inflammation of some of the organs. It is viral in nature and the fever is caused by a lowered immune system.
  • The current manager had the same disease when was a student.
  • It is treatable and the activity itself is possible. However, other organs are also in danger and he is recuperating. If all are cured, I will be able to work.
  • The manager proposed that he would return to work once the test results are available and the treatment plan is finalized.
  • However, since there is uncertainty about when will recover, I would like to continue with possible activities, although they will be irregular.
  • We would like to start streaming the information little by little from January. We will report back once the treatment plan is finalized.

This report by Yukihana Lamy contains sensitive content. We strongly recommend that you check not only the above summary of her remarks, but also the actual content of the streaming.

We wish Yukihana Lamy a speedy recovery.

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