V&U Entertainment Announced Termination of 2nd-Gen VTuber Amano Serafi

V&U Entertainment Announced Termination of 2nd-Gen VTuber Amano Serafi

Korea’s English-Speaking VTuber Agency V&U Entertainment Announced on March 24, 2024 (PST), it has Terminated the Contract with 2nd-Gen Talent “Amano Serafi”.

Amano Serafi
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Notice of Contract Termination with Amano Serafi

We would like to announce the termination of our talent contract with Amano Serafi as of March 18th, 2024 and share with you the sequence of events that led to this decision.

In January 2023, a three-year exclusive contract was signed by mutual consent between V&U and Serafi. In March of the same year, she made her debut as a member of V&U’s Gen 2 Solstice.

Serafi had since been a valued talent and member of V&U. She was paid considerable support money for 10 months including her training period. She was also provided with time off on request, and was offered continuous support with her activities as a content creator.

Looking back, it has not always been easy for us to work with her as we had to change and reassign her a new manager four times to meet her needs, but we believed it was all part of the process.

However, on February 2nd, 2024, Serafi requested the early termination of her contract by compensation.

In response to Serafi’s request, we brought up concerns about the financial burden that could be put on her when offering compensation for the early termination. We asked if she was open to negotiation but she was firm with her decision.

After that, Serafi officially asked us to give her an estimate of the amount she may have to pay to terminate the contract in compensation for our loss and damages. We accordingly gave her a calculated amount with a full breakdown.

Despite voluntarily requesting the procedure for termination by compensation, on February 28th, Serafi informed us that she would stop communicating with us. She added that she was not obligated to pay the amount and that the future communication should be made through legal action.

After her unexpected response, we had been internally discussing ways to resolve the issue amicably. We also had not pursued any form of legal action or officially charged Serafi with the amount that was discussed.

However, since our last interaction, she has engaged in public online activities that have been damaging to the talents and the company. Most of her claims were exaggerated and misleading. She gave us no choice but to terminate her contract and pursue legal action for the breaches she made since cutting off communication with us including NDA violations and making false claims.

We hope this announcement can prevent further speculation and misunderstanding about the situation.

On April 18th, 2024, all content on Serafi’s channel will be switched to private and all of Serafi’s social media accounts will be closed.

We apologize for any inconvenience or concern caused to the talents and fans of V&U due to the
unexpected event.


V&U Entertainment

Amano Serafi debuted in February 2023 from the agency’s 2nd-gen unit Solstice.

Amano Serafi has been in contractual trouble with V&U Entertainment, which has been covered by the legal YouTube channel Legal Mindset (Andrew Esquire).

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