WACTOR Production (910inc) VTubers Accused of Unfair Treatment by the Company

WACTOR Production (910inc) VTubers Accused of Unfair Treatment by the Company

VTubers Nemurime Charo, Himeragi Ageha, and Tenjo Yuiga (affiliation: WACTOR Production (910inc)) on February 17, 2024 (PST), Filed a Complaint Alleging that they were Unfairly Treated by the Company.

WACTOR Production (910inc) VTubers Accused of Unfair Treatment by the Company
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WACTOR Productions is a VTuber agency operated by WACTOR Co.,Ltd. and has been expanding business to Japan, Latin America (Spanish-speaking countries), China, and others, and had been highly popular especially in Latin America. However, since February 2023, the disappearance of talent and unfair treatment of talent has come to light one after another. In addition, the announcement that the company would disclose the personal information of Meica, an actor for the popular talent Hina Misora, and take legal action, triggered severe criticism of the company and agency.

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Now, Nemurime Charo, Himeragi Ageha, and Tenjo Yuiga have revealed the unfair treatment they received from the company. Some of the talents have been accused of attempting to take their lives in March 2023.

Nemurime Charo’s Accusation


I, Nemurime Charo, hereby report that I, Nemurime Charo, have been forced by agency W to engage in activities not specified in my contract (false contracting), to change my contract unilaterally, and to express opinions that I did not originally intend due to their coercive attitude.

I have been enduring unreasonable pressure and unreasonable instructions from the agency for a long time, but recently, I have been instructed to engage in activities after the end of my contract period, and my heart was not able to bear it. Recently, I have been unable to sleep without medication, and my physical condition has not improved and I am not able to lead a normal life.

I am truly sorry that I have caused you all to be involved in this situation. However, I have come to this decision for my own future activities and for the sake of the other members who are suffering unreasonably at the agency.
Please refer to Yuiga’s article for the legal perspective and details of the process.
All three of us have already consulted with lawyers in case we are exposed or go to court, as we have done in the past.

We will be back, so everyone just wait a little longer until it’s all over.

ネムリメ チャロ (@NemurimeCharo)

Himeragi Ageha’s Accusation

Important Notice

Dear fans, Thank you very much for always supporting Himelagi Ageha.

I, Himeragi Ageha, hereby report that have been treated as follows by agency.

Forced to perform work that was not included in the contract (false contracting)
Forcing staff to perform work that was clearly not commensurate with the amount of work performed.
High-pressure and intimidating behavior
Sexual harassment or power harassment
Forcing staff members to express opinions they did not originally intend.
Instructions forbidding the use of psychiatric medication.

[Background leading up to the accusation]
Until now, I have not had the courage to file charges because I owed money to my office for various reasons.
However, I had been under the mind control of the management staff of my office for a long period of time, and I had reached my mental and physical limits.

Specifically, I experienced severe withdrawal symptoms from stopping taking my psychotic medication, which led to repeated self-harm and dependence on alcohol, and finally, in March of the year before last, I attempted to take my own life but failed and was ordered to continue my activities.
I am now suffering from a conversion disorder, and I have difficulty walking and even talking, so I am not going to be hospitalized in the future.

Therefore, I have decided that it is no longer possible for me to build a relationship of trust with my office.
I have decided that it is no longer possible for me to build a relationship of trust with my agency.

I have already consulted with my relatives and a lawyer regarding the above accusations, and I intend to contact the firm through my lawyer in the future, including repayment of debts.

I am truly sorry for causing you concern in this way.
This may be my last words, but I truly love all the fans who have supported me from the bottom of my heart.

February 18, 2024
Himeragi Ageha

Tenjo Yuiga’s Accusation

I, Yuiga Tenjo, have been accused by Agency W of improperly complicit in a breach of contract, suspected of directing work outside of the contract (false contracting), and of improperly demanding a penalty fee of 5 million yen and stripping me of my YouTube channel even though I was still under contract (I have proof).

The reason for this is that there was a clause that originally sounded like false contracting, and in a conversation with a staff member, I told him that I would not do any work outside of the contract (to make sure the false contracting suspicion was confirmed).

Staff: “I think you should do the work outside the contract as I do it too!”

I replied, “That’s a false contracting, isn’t it?

He has been repeating the same tactics habitually, and he talks as if he is intentionally doing things that should not be done to mentally ill people, such as mind control.

What can be inferred from this is that he is forced to put only Yes men around him.

This is because he does not want his wrongdoings to be exposed to the public.

This must have been the background of those who were terminated in the past for breach of contract.

I have tried to stay put since the order was issued, but what kind of contract does the contractor have to suspend the contract even though it is still within the contract period?

I have not violated any contract in the first place. If I had violated the contract, I would have already been expelled from the company and officially posted as a contract violator.

The management is now desperately trying to find out what I did wrong, and even trying to get me to violate the contract in order to terminate the contract. I have been contacted by the lawyer’s office, but they said they would sue me, but all they actually sent me was an email with a mandate to contact them. If it is bad, it is a threat.

I was suspicious from the beginning, but I didn’t think they were this corrupt.

This is the appearance of office W. I would like to continue my activities in the future.

I want to continue my activities in the future, and I want to do various things with various people, but this incident happened while I was in the midst of that, so I am filled with despair.

However, it is not in my nature to back down and sneak around, so I will continue to fight until the end.

It is truly regrettable to think that there are people who have had their contracts unfairly terminated or have been forced to pay unfair penalties out of fear and guilt after having been subjected to this kind of thing in the past.

We will take full responsibility to expose the darkness of this office and bring this to a conclusion that everyone will be rewarded.

All three of us have already consulted with lawyers in case we are exposed or go to court, as we have done in the past.

We would appreciate it if you could all watch over us with a warm eye. I apologize for the offensive post.

We will never lose.

天上 ユイガ (@TenjoYuiga6)

It is believed that the series of problems surrounding WACTOR Production has helped to draw attention to the later issues surrounding OWOZU and ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI EN (New).

We have been keeping our Latin American VTuber listeners and fans updated on the issues surrounding WACTOR Production, and we will continue to keep a close eye on developments with the company.

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