#WhereIsSelen Movement Spreads to Worry about VTuber Selen Tatsuki

#WhereIsSelen Movement Spreads to Worry about VTuber Selen Tatsuki

It has been Confirmed that #WhereIsSelen movement, which Concerns the Current Situation of VTuber Selen Tatsuki (affiliation: NIJISANJI EN (New)), is Spreading among VTuber Listeners and Fans.

#WhereIsSelen Movement Spreads to Worry about VTuber Selen Tatsuki
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So, it has now been almost a month since we’ve last heard from or about Selen. I want to make what I’m about to write clear, this is not directed to rush her back from any condition or demand any answers from her or any of the other EN livers specifically. During this past month, not a single current NijiEN member has even mentioned her since the cup of coffee MV issue or the tweet stating she was in and discharged from the hospital, giving a perception as if they’re not allowed to. Pomu’s graduation was announced and taken place over this time as well. Selen was not able to say goodbye to Pomu on stream in any form or fashion, with the only mention of Selen coming from Pomu herself once or twice during this time as well.

These circumstances of why this is happening is leaving the Dragoon fan base in fear of the worst possible situations and causing disarray as to what is happening to her. I’m not asking for an invasive explanation as to what happened to her or needing to know why she specifically has not been updating us. What I and a lot of other Dragoons want is an update from Nijisanji directly on her situation, like they have for their livers so many times in the past when the livers themselves are incapable. I know there are many that are just as worried as I am and are awaiting a response from Nijisanji or her on this whole situation themselves. So that’s what I and other Dragoons are asking for here.

Gater (@SimpaGator)

Selen Tatsuki has not updated her official YouTube channel or X (Twitter) account since her accidental hospitalization at the end of 2023 and her December 30 post (tweet).

And Selen Tatsuki’s affiliated group NIJISANJI EN (New) and ANYCOLOR Inc. which operates the group have made no mention of her for a little over a month, until as of January 29.

In response to this situation, #WhereIsSelen hashtag movement has expanded, especially among overseas VTuber listeners and fans, this has been joined by prominent professional gamers such as rpr.

It’s been over a month of pure silence and it’s starting to get concerning, it would be nice to know where and how Selen is doing at the very least #WhereIsSelen

rpr (@rpr)

Selen Tatsuki is not limited to NIJISANJI EN (New), but also interacts extensively with talents and progamers from other agencies and groups, and her various projects attract many viewers and fans beyond the boundaries of agencies, groups, and genres.

On the other hand, there have been criticisms against ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI EN (New), with not only a small percentage of them, like Gater’s post at the beginning of this article, demanding explanations from the company and the group.

Furthermore, based on the statement in the so-called “Zaion Document,” an accusation document by Zaion LanZa, who was terminated from NIJISANJI EN (New), “I heard from a senior colleague that Liver’s suspension or suspension was sometimes disguised as a vacation to give a false explanation to her fans“. Based on this, the company and its group have lost credibility to the extent that some people suspect that “Her hospitalization for the accident was actually a penalty from the management?”

The result is a situation that has generated even harsher criticism of ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI EN (New), which appear to be abandoning Selen Tatsuki, and which has led to the spread of the “#WhereIsSelen” movement.

ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI EN (New) should explain Selen Tatsuki’s situation. If they are putting her in a difficult situation for unreasonable reasons and waiting for a barren time to pass, much less for her to break down and disappear naturally, it should not be overlooked. It is up to ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI EN (New) to fall by their own doing, but to unreasonably impose their suffering on a talent who has worked in good faith is a violation of human rights and should not be tolerated unless there is an explainable reason.

We wish Selen Tatsuki a successful return in the near future.

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