Wikipedia’s X Account Post a Criticizing NIJISANJI’s ANYCOLOR as a “Black Company”

Wikipedia's X Account Post a Criticizing NIJISANJI's ANYCOLOR as a "Black Company"

Wikipedia’s Indonesian X (Twitter) Account Published a Post (Tweet) on February 5, 2024 (PST) Explaining the Term “Black Company,” which Originated in Japan. The Image Attached to the Post has Attracted Attention as it may be Critical of ANYCOLOR Inc., which Operates the VTuber Group NIJISANJI and NIJISANJI EN (New).

Wikipedia's X Account Post a Criticizing NIJISANJI's ANYCOLOR as a "Black Company"
Image Credit: X (Twitter)

The post is accompanied by the above image with the text “What is the Point of Working for a Company that Looks Colorful But is Really Just Blackmailing you at will?

The “Colorful” is ANYCOLOR, and the silhouettes in the upper left and lower right of the image are the marks of NIJISANJI and NIJISANJI EN (new), the “II IV III IV” in the lower left corner of the image is 2434=NIJISANJI, and it has attracted attention that the account may be implicitly criticizing ANYCOLOR, which operates NIJISANJI and NIJISANJI EN (New), as a “Black Company”.

The text content of the image is as follows.

Black Company

Black company is a term introduced in Japan.
It refers to companies that employ workers in an exploitative manner. In other words, workers in these companies are overworked both physically and mentally.

Practices of such companies include the following
Long working hours without overtime pay are the norm, and if workers say they want to quit their jobs, they are threatened.

The so-called “Zaion Document,” a written accusation by former NIJISANJI EN (New) celebrity Zaion LanZa, has triggered intense criticism of ANYCOLOR as a “Black Company,” especially among VTuber viewers and fans, and has led to a loss of trust in the company, especially in English-speaking countries.

Furthermore, on February 5, ANYCOLOR announced the termination of Seren Tatsuki’s contract. In response, Indonesian X account on Wikipedia may have posted criticism of the company.