Will NIJISANJI’s ANYCOLOR Continue to Promote a New VTubers Training Project “Virtual Talent Academy” which has seen a String of Expulsions?

Will NIJISANJI's ANYCOLOR Continue to Promote a New VTubers Training Project

ANYCOLOR Inc. Announced on September 14, 2023 (JST) that it Expects to Continue to Promote VTuber Training Project “Virtual Talent Academy (VTA),” in Q1 FY4/2024 Financial Results.

“Virtual Talent Academy” Students (Enrolled)
Upper: July / Lower: August 2
Image Credit: Official Site
にじさんじ運営のANYCOLOR社によるVTuber育成プロジェクト 新たに在籍者1名が姿消す
Top: August 25 / Bottom: September 25
Image Credit: Official Site

Virtual Talent Academy (VTA) is a talent development project that the company offers by utilizing the know-how of the VTuber group NIJISANJI. Several talents affiliating to NIJISANJI have been born as a result of this project.

On August 3, the company announced that it had “terminated the program for the affected VTA members” because “some of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year VTA members were found to be in violation of the rules we have established for VTA, including thorough information management. This was an unprecedented situation. Furthermore, on August 25 and September 2, it was confirmed that the name of one new member had disappeared (whether for future debut or expulsion due to violations, etc., is unknown).

In its past financial statements, the company had positioned the Virtual Talent Academy (VTA) as one of key growth models, but with the recent expulsion of 21 of 29 students (approximately 72.4%), many listeers, fans, and investors are concerned about the future of VTA.

ANYCOLOR mentioned the “Virtual Talent Academy (VTA)” in the “Number of VTubers and ANYCOLOR ID” section of financial results. The company said “Now, Currently Reviewing the Structure of VTA from Perspective of Strengthening Compliance with Information Management and Other Regulations, but this is Not Expected to have a Major Impact on New Debut Project“.

It remains to be seen how the company will rebuild the Virtual Talent Academy (VTA), which has seen an extremely high number of expulsions since August and is now considered by some to be in jeopardy.