YouTube Channel “Velo City” Announced End of NIJISANJI Contents

YouTube Channel "Velo City" Announced End of NIJISANJI Contents

YouTube Channel Velo City Announced that it will Stop NIJISANJI Contents on February 6, 2024 (PST).

YouTube Channel "Velo City" Announced End of NIJISANJI Contents
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Announcement Regarding Nijisanji Content on our Channel

Hey guys.

If you know us, you know we make it a point to stick to positive and uplifting content on our channel.

Nijisanji was one of our gateways into the VTuber rabbit hole more than 3 years ago so we’d been supporting them ever since. They even asked us to feature/react to them on our channel before their EN branch was even a thing and we were excited to.

However, recent events have – quite frankly – tanked our opinion of them (through no fault of the talents of course) and their most recent statement was the last straw.

We can’t, in good conscience, support them until there’s internal, systematic change to the way they treat and manage their talents.

From here on, we will not be featuring, promoting or covering any Niji-specific content on our channel until we feel they are a company worth supporting again.

We’re well aware that we’re just a small reaction channel but we can’t sit idly by as nothing changes and things return to the status quo.

We supported the company because of the talents. Not the other way around.

From your Velo Bois
Shabir & Aasif

Velo City is a YouTube channel created by British brothers Shabir and Aasif, which focuses on reaction videos to VTubers, anime, and K-POP.

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